Thursday, August 31, 2017


article basically complain about how the fan culture all comes down to "strength"
and people getting sworn at because they don't stream, only buy one album instead of bulk buying, or don't vote, etc.
the post also claims that fans started to have a very bad mentality because of the things they want to do for their bias, and the fandom atmosphere has a very bad reputation.

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1. Seriously the fandom culture makes everyone coerce each other to do things they finally don't like to do .... It wasn't like that before and I didn't feel forced to do anything

2. It's seriously getting harder and harderㅠㅜㅠㅜ  Just to attend a fansign, you have to buy so many albums and I don't know why people are that obsessed with the "early sales" all the time...

3. It's not like the fans don't want this, but we can't... Companies take advantage of the fans and make us vote using our own money, this can't be helped

4. I really hope we stopped trying to "line up" all the albums songs on the charts and just focus on the title song

5. Me too I hate doing those, but I got forced in taking those habits

6. It's seriously so hard.... I really want to listen to everyone's songs... But once they drop off the charts, it's automatically a bad song

7. That's why I just want to listen to whatever song I want ~ I don't even want to fangirl anymore, I just want to have freedom

8. We do that because if their results are bad, they'll be called "has-beens".....

9. I just want to listen to the songs I want and stream the songs that I want. But if I don't buy my bias albums, people will ask me "But you aren't even a fan are you?"

10. We do all those just so their results are good, otherwise they'll start criticizing usㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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